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How Prescription Drug Abuse Leads To Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction may start by simplyobtaining painkillers from a medicine cabinet. Painkillers mostly contain opioid that has a tendency to cause tolerance and later addiction.

A research has found that people abusing painkiller OxyContin, are 19 times more vulnerable to look for heroin. It was also revealed that 8 out 10 people abused painkillers initially before they develop a heroin addiction.

Both painkillers and heroin are opioids. This kind of drug attaches to opioid receptors located in the many parts of the body, including nerve cells in the brain, intestines, spinal cord, and other internal organs. Opioids provide pain relief, and feeling of happiness and relaxation that cause a person to form drug addiction.

When abused, painkillers cause negative impacts on the body, such as constipation,sleepiness and respiratory decline up to the point that the person could not breathe in. There are even cases that a person's ability to breathe ceases completely.

Why Prescription Abuse Develops To Heroin Addiction?

Medical practitioners are now stricter in providing prescription for painkillers. The government has just implemented the prescription drug monitoring program that aims to track people, who are already abusing or people who are susceptible to developing narcotic addiction.

Heroin like painkillers can cause an addiction. When one is addicted to a substance, the chemical changes in the brain may lead a person to continually abuse the drug even they know that they are already causing harm or problem to themselves and to others.

When drug addiction sets in, it is hard for someone to just stop using it. People experience withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable such as muscle and bone pain, restlessness, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, vomiting, uncontrollable leg movements and cold flashes with goosebumps.

Cost of Opioids and Heroin:

With the rules getting tighter, people turn to heroin that is readily accessible and cheaper than prescription drugs. An opioid medication costs $1 per milligram that equates to $60 for a 60-milligram pill.

However, an equal dose of heroin can be bought for only one-tenth of a painkiller's price. Both heroin and pain medications offer the same relief from pain and the risk of addiction.

The accessibility and price of heroin make it easier for people to develop illegal drug abuse. For this reason, drug overdose becomes the main reason of increasing unintentional death in America.

A new study has revealed that more than 50 percent of women in Ontario, Canada are treated for drug dependency that all started out with painkillers. In the United States, the mortality rate of people between the ages of 25 to 34 is increasing caused by opioid-related overdoses.

It includes overdoses caused by painkiller such as Vicodin, Oxycontinand Demerol. Heroin addiction and heroin overdoses are also at its peak causing more people to die in many states.

The risk of overdose deaths is also increased by combining heroin and prescription drugs that have oxycodone,morphineand other opioid substances.